Watch: Virat Kohli Share a Video on the 14th Anniversary of his International Debut

Watch Virat Kohli Share a Video on the 14th Anniversary of his International Debut

Today 18th August marks the 14th year of the debut of Virat Kohli for India. He made his first leading performance in Sri Lanka. Kohli debuted internationally in the ODI format at Dambulla on 18th August 2011. Kohli scored 12 runs in 22 balls, and India eventually lost the match. Though he first played for India in Under-19 in 2008, making it 14 years of cricket for India.

Virat Kohli became the fastest player to reach 5000 runs breaking the record of icon Sachin Tendulkar. He also ranks third in the most runs scored in T20I, coming behind Rohit Sharma. Virat rose in fame, becoming one of the highest-paid cricketers and sportspeople in the world. He also ranks third in popularity in the sports world.

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Virat Kohli became the captain of the Indian Cricket team in all formats before stepping down in 2022. He posted a montage video of his journey from all these years of hard work. Kohli posted the video on his Instagram with the caption, “14 years ago, it all started, and it’s been an honour.”

He rose in cricket after winning the U-19 World Cup trophy in 2008. He was also part of the 2011 World Cup squad and played for India. Since his debut has made 8074 runs in Test with 27 centuries, 12,344 runs in ODI, and 3308 runs in T20I. He will be a part of the upcoming Asia Cup with India’s first match against Pakistan.

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