Rohit Sharma ODI Cricket: “Talks that ODI Cricket is Losing its Appeal are Nonsense”

Rohit Sharma ODI Cricket Talks that ODI Cricket is Losing its Appeal are Nonsense

Indian captain Rohit Sharma shared his views about the talks of ODI being irrelevant now. Sharma was against the rumors about the One Day format losing its appeal. Though T20 leagues are emerging and are truly overshadowing the other two formats. The T20 leagues have forced players like Ben Stokes and Trent Boult to take some hard calls over their ODI games.

“Mera Naam hi one-day cricket se bana hai. Sab bekar ki baatein hai(I made my name from one-day cricket. These talks are nonsense). People were earlier talking about Test cricket. For me, cricket is important, be it any format. I’d never say that ODI is getting finished or T20 is getting finished or Tests are nearing an end.” Sharma commented during a promotional event.

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“I wish there was another format as well because for me, playing the game is most important. It’s an individual choice as to which format to play on not, but for me, all three formats are important.” He said further. 

Rohit Sharma will captain the Indian team Asia Cup. This will be the second time the Asia Cup will be played in the T20 format instead of ODI. Sharma talked about his upcoming match in Asia Cup, “We played Pakistan last year in Dubai, where obviously the result did not go our way. But the team is playing differently now and has prepared differently, so a lot of things have changed from them.”

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