Rashid Khan Answers, Babar Azam or Virat Kohli- Who’s Tougher to Bowl at?  

Afghanistan’s talisman Rashid Khan talked about who’s difficult to bowl, Virat Kohli or Babar. Asia Cup 2022 is just a day away when the six teams will go against each other to win the continental championship. The Cup will begin with Sri Lanka and Afghanistan opening the series on the 27th of August. India will commence its games on 28th August and the first game will be against Pakistan.

Afghanistan team’s legendary bowler Rashid Khan was questioned about the upcoming games by Pakistani journalist Sawera Pasha. He was asked about Virat and Babar Azam on which batter is difficult to bowl. Rashid Khan stated both the batsmen are impeccable and won’t spare a horrible delivery.

“For me, both (Virat Kohli and Babar Azam) are equally tough to bowl. The type of batters they are, they won’t spare a lost delivery. So, for me, both are tough to bowl to, but I enjoy the challenge. There is no chance that I will bowl a loose ball to both of them. I will focus on the bowling in the right areas, but both are tough to bowl at,” 

Rashid also mentioned Kane Williamson along with Kohli and Babar. These three helped him improve his game over the years. “Bowling to Babar and Virat is fun, and it has also been a great learning curve for me. For example, when I used to bowl to Kane Williamson at SRH, we had a lot of chats afterward about my bowling. So, his output helped me a lot. I also had discussions with Virat in IPL, and the same goes with Babar too.”

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