“Notice people who are happy for your happiness…” Virat Kohli posts Instagram Story

virat kohli

Indian batsman Virat Kohli posts a story on his Instagram after a heartfelt press conference. Kohli made the news with his emotional statement after the loss against Pakistan. He recalled the time he called quits on Indian Test cricket captaincy. Virat only received a message from one person, MS Dhoni.

“Notice the people who are happy for your happiness, and sad for your sadness. They’re the ones who deserve special places in your heart.”

Virat talked about his leaving captaincy, “When I left Test captaincy, I only receive a message from one person and I have played with that person in the past. That person is MS Dhoni, anyone else did not message me. Many people have my phone number, and there are many people who give me suggestions on TV. There was just MS Dhoni who messaged me, many people have my number, but they did not text me. When you have genuine respect and connection with someone, you are able to see that because there is security from both sides,”

“I don’t want anything from him and he does not want anything from me. I was never insecure from him and he never of me. I can just say that if I want to say something to someone, I will reach out individually. Even if you want to help. If you want to give a suggestion to me in front of the TV or the whole world, it does not hold any value to me. You can talk 1-1, I see things with utmost honesty. It is not like I do not care, but you see the things how they are. God gives you everything, only God helps you achieve success and it is all in his hands.”

Kohli is presently the leading player in the Asia Cup 2022. He regained his form after seven-eight months of poor performance. Virat made more than 150 runs in his three games played at the Asia Cup.

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