Mismanagement Galore at the India vs South Africa in Guwahati, 2nd T20I


The Assam Cricket Association had plenty of mismanagement during the India vs South Africa game on 2nd October. Assam hosted the second T20I between India and South Africa on Sunday. The match was at Barsapara Stadium in Guwahati at 7 pm IST. There were plenty of complications faced by both teams due to the lack of better managing ability.

India batted first after losing the toss. The first innings went smoothly without any complications. In the second half of the inning, the game had to pause due to a snake found on the field. During South Africa’s batting, the entire stadium went dark. One of the floodlights covering the stadium went black, stopping the game.

Assam Cricket Association Secretary Devajit Saika blamed it on a “technical glitch”. Secretary explained their reason to PTI for the sudden power failure. “We have three parties handling the power aspect- our own 25-member team, a third party, and the state power department. It was perhaps a voltage problem, some technical glitch.”

The last time an international match was played here, trouble also followed. India and Sri Lanka played a T20I game in 2020 when the game had to be abandoned due to excessive water on the pitch. The field had a three-layer cover, but water still managed to leak through the shell.

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