India vs England: Wanted Them to Get 450- Ben Stokes Statement After England’s Win

India vs England Wanted Them to Get 450- Ben Stokes Statement After England’s Win

India vs England: India and England played their final test match from 1st July till 5th July at Edgbaston. It was an exciting match between both the teams and for the fans as well. The fans have waited for long time to witness the finale of the five-match test series between India and England. India showed an excellent performance with Rishabh Pant and Ravindra Jadeja in the first innings. Joe Root and Jonny Bairstow led the team to the victory. England won the final game with seven wickets and equaled India by 2-2. 

Ben Stokes

The new English captain Ben Stokes spoke about the match and how he wanted to see more challenges for his team. “Don’t know where it is (the line) is. There was a bit of me that almost wanted to get 450, to see what we’d do. I said yesterday after we finished the day’s play,` Look at how teams will be viewing us at the moment, that third innings now has become a fourth inning- because they have to concentrate on how we’re going to play, and they’re worried about that.” Stokes told Sky Sports.

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England had achieved their largest chase of any test match and the largest in the second innings, but the captain wasn’t satisfied with it. He wished India had given them 450 runs instead of 416. England had also won the test series against New Zealand.

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Ben Stokes

Stokes added, “It’s been the most fun five weeks I’ve had in my career so far. I think everyone can understand what’s happened here. When you get given clarity in what you want to do and what you want to achieve and think about bigger than results, it makes everything a lot easier. It takes away the external pressure of what international sports can throw at you. When you know what you want to go out there and do, it makes everything a lot more simple.”

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India vs England: Wanted Them to Get 450- Ben Stokes Statement After England’s Win

Ben Stokes

Ben Stokes further mentioned the future of tests for his country and how he wants to alter history with their wins. “We are trying to rewrite how Test cricket is being played, in England especially. All the different plans that we put together over the last four or five weeks, for every different situation we’ll look to carry forward. It’s not always about bowling top off or drying up, it’s how are we going to take wickets? That’s what you need to do as a bowling attack, take 10 wickets.”

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