FIH Hockey 5s: Indian Men’s Team Wins Championship, beating Poland by 6-4 in the Final

FIH Hockey 5s Indian Mens Team Wins Championship beating Poland by 6 4 in the Final

The FIH Hockey 5s Championship began on the 4th of June, Saturday. The games were played in Lausanne, Switzerland, and both Men’s and Women’s teams participated in the championship. 5s hockey is a unique way of playing, as the fields are smaller compared to regular fields. Its dimensions are fifty-five meters long and forty-one meters wide. The rules for playing on such a ground also differ from a normal one, for example, players can take a shot from anywhere on the field. No penalty corners or penalty strokes are allowed in the game, though a different form of a penalty shoot-out is used. 

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The Indian Women’s team played against Uruguay, Poland, South Africa, and Switzerland, and the Men’s team played against Malaysia, Pakistan, Poland, and Switzerland. The finals were on 5th June, Sunday, when the Indian Men’s team defeated Poland and won the championship. India received a big blow within the first five minutes of the game. Mateusz Nowakowski scored the first goal for Poland in the first minute, followed by two goals from Wojciech Rutkowski and Robert Pawlak in the fifth minute. 

FIH Hockey 5s: Indian Men’s Team Wins Championship, beating Poland by 6-4 in the Final

India also did not abide much longer, and Sanjay scored the first goal in the eighth minute, closely followed by the captain Gurinder Singh in the ninth minute. Continuing the streak of goals where Dhami Boby Singh scored the third goal and Raheel Mohammed the fourth. The score ended in 4-3. Raheel and Singh added one each to the scores making it six. Jacek Kurowski attempted and scored one goal in the eighteenth minute of the game. India emerged victorious by 6-4 in the finals of the FIH Hockey 5s Championship.

The Indian Men’s team didn’t lose a single game except for a draw against Pakistan. The Women’s team however failed to enter the finals after a continuous loss and a draw against South Africa. Raheel Mohammed became the most scoring player, with ten goals in four matches.

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