Cricket Australia In Jeopardy Over The Test Against Afghanistan Amid Taliban Takeover


Cricket Australia is set to play Afghanistan in their first-ever Test match in November, but the Taliban’s takeover of the country has cast doubt on the series. The Taliban recently took control of Afghanistan’s government, and the way the country’s cricket board is run could change dramatically under their reign.

Afghanistan has been one of the fastest-growing cricketing nations, as evidenced by their recent admission as a full member of the International Cricket Council (ICC). They have also qualified automatically for the T20 Worldcup in the United Arab Emirates, and their women’s squad is gaining in significance.

Nick Hockley stated that Afghanistan’s next assignment in the T20 Worldcup will be keenly watched, and that he has been in contact with the International Cricket Council (ICC) and the Australian government about the series. He also stated that the series’ current obstacles are rather high, and that there may be many difficulties that cannot be described at this time.

“It’s an extremely challenging and complex situation. There are so many layers to it and it really does transcend cricket. The situation as it stands today, is that Afghanistan is a full member of the ICC, they’re due to play in the T20 World Cup, but we’re working very closely and having all the right discussions with the ICC, with the Australian government and ultimately, we’ll take our lead from them,” Nick Hockley, Cricket Australia’s chief executive told.

Nick Hockley stated that there are still no answers to the queries that have been raised during the series, and that the situation has been highly ambiguous for Cricket Australia. He also stated that they have been seeking help from various groups in order to find a solution.

“We don’t yet have answers but we’re in dialogue and taking advice from all the relevant organisations,” he added.

The one-off Test between Afghanistan and Australia is scheduled to start on November 27 at the Hobart.

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