England vs India 2021: Michael Vaughan Reveals His Advice For Virat Kohli Amid His Poor Form

Former England captain Michael Vaughan advised Virat Kohli that he should be more confident in his head rather than relying on mechanical shortcomings. Virat Kohli has been struggling with his form since 2019, and hasn’t hit a century in international cricket in the last two years.

The Indian skipper holds himself to extremely high standards and is frequently referred to as the ideal of consistency. He did, however, have a bad series in England in 2014, and there are indicators that he is reverting to that form. In the first innings of the Headingly Test, he only managed to score seven runs.

Michael Vaughan stated that Virat Kohli hasn’t shown any other technical flaws and advised Kohli to divide his innings into time frames so that he may spend more time at the crease. Virat will earn runs if he spends time in the crease and isn’t anxious for runs, according to him.

“I don’t see his movements being any different. It’s just his mind. My advice for him would be to look at the clock when you go out, if it’s 20 past 11, say I’ll be there at half-past, and when you get to half-past, I’m just going to be there at 22. Just break it into small segments and try and break your innings down to time rather than runs because Virat will score runs if he’s out there for an element of time,” Michael Vaughan told to Cricbuzz.

India lacked the intensity that was evident on the final day at Lord’s, according to Michael Vaughan, who also pointed out the catches that were dropped, adding salt to the wounds. He believes the opening day at Headingly was one of India’s poorest days in Test cricket history.

“I don’t know why but they didn’t seem to have that same intensity, the ball was not swinging. In the field they were clumsy, then that catch went down Rohit Sharma at second slip. I would say in India’s Test match cricket history, that would be one of the worst days that they’ve ever had,” he added.

Virat Kohli will be feeling the spotlight following a string of poor performances, and he will be looking to reclaim his form as quickly as possible.

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