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Are you passionate about writing and sports? The aspirations of becoming a sports writer have left several writers out of hope. Sports Mudra gives such writers a platform to express their sayings and display their work amongst thousands of readers. 

Sports Mudra is a sports enthusiast’s website, where our content caters to sports readers across the globe. We are constantly on the hunt for the best writers and guest authors for our content. Writers should be well versed in Research and Development, with a broad spectrum of knowledge on sports. Pen down your well-researched pieces, with quality writing on our site across various categories.

Our Content

Sports Mudra leads in Sports News, reports on Trending Sports Events across the world, Match Predictions, Fantasy Sports Guides, Analysis, and Interviews. 

Writing Guidelines

  • The News Content should not exceed 350 words limit. If the news covers a lot, then describe the event with less unimportant parts. 
  • Content should dominate more than quotes, cut down the quotes, and only keep the needed part.
  • The introductory paragraph should act as a description and lead to the main topic.
  • A paragraph should be of consistent 3 to 5 lines for a seamless read.
  • Mentioning the source is a must.
  • Subheadings and pointers should penetrate the content.

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