Uber Cup 2022: PV Sindhu Loses Against Korean An SeYoung

Uber Cup 2022 PV Sindhu Loses Against Korean An SeYoung

Thomas and Uber Cup 2022, held in Bangkok began on 8th May. PV Sindhu representing the Indian Women’s Badminton Team, lost a match against Korea’s An SeYoung on 11th May. 

India yesterday won their team and solo matches and booked a spot in the Thomas and Uber Cup Quarter Finals. India managed to pass the knockout level by beating Canada and the United States of America. They defeated Canada by 4-1 and USA by 4-1. Indian team fixed their position amongst the top three in group D. PV Sindhu beat Jennie Gai by 21-10 and 21-11. Tanisha Crasto and Tressa Jolly also won the doubles by 21-19 and 21-10. 

Two times Olympic medal winner PV Sindhu played exceptionally, leading her game against South Korea.

PV Sindhu faced An SeYoung who is a fourth top player in the world. After performing well in their previous rounds, the Indian Women’s Team was humbled by a disastrous defeat by the South Korean. Sindhu lost 0-5 to SeYoung, which was a shocking loss as we didn’t manage to score a single point. India’s successive winning streak was broken. Shruti Mishra and Simran Singhi also lost their doubles, making 13-21 and 12-21. Indian shuttler Akriti Kashyap, who brought down the previous match to her feet, suffered incredibly. Kashyap lost 10-21, 10-21 to Kim Ga Eun. Overall India didn’t secure a single victory against South Korea, which was a heartbreaking moment for the Women’s team. 

Due to the earlier victories by the Indian Team, their position is still secured in the Uber Cup Quarter-Finals. India is still amongst the world ranking teams in Badminton.

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