Real Madrid VS Manchester City: 2nd Leg Semi-Final, UEFA Championship League

Real Madrid VS Manchester City 2nd Leg Semi Final UEFA Championship League

The Semi-Final match for UEFA Championship League will be between two giants, Real Madrid and Manchester City. It will be both teams’ second leg of this league. The winning team will play in the finals against Liverpool FC.

The UEFA Champions League between Real Madrid VS Manchester City is on 5th May and will be live in India at 12:20 am Indian Standard Time. Live broadcasting will be available on Sony Sports Network and Sony LIV.

Real Madrid will host this match, and it will be played at their home ground, which is Santiago Bernabeu stadium in Madrid. The previous game between the two, was played in Manchester at the home ground of Manchester City, Etihad Stadium.

Manchester and Madrid played the first leg, which was a tough match with both the teams lacking quite a bit. Still, Manchester managed to win on their home ground, with a cut-to-cut score of 4-3. Real Madrid will play the second leg on their home ground, giving them a benefit against Manchester City. Madrid will deliver a tough match tonight and redeem their previous loss with City.

Karim Benzema will be the crucial player for Real Madrid as his game has been quite noticeable and discussed amongst the fans. 

Madrid recently won the La Liga Cup for a massive 35th time. 

Real Madrid is more likely to get the win against Manchester City.

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