On This Day, 39 Years Ago, Kapil Dev-Indian Cricket Team, Lift the 1983 World Cup

On This Day, 39 Years Ago, Kapil Dev-Indian Cricket Team, Lift the 1983 World Cup

India is one of the leading nations subjected to cricket. There hardly has been any country known as India known for the sport. We have the most expensive domestic cricket league, the Indian Premier League, where numerous players participate over the world and get a taste of cricket and India. Cricket and India have been synonyms for decades now, with the Indian team leading in the all-formats of the sport. 

Kapil Dev, Mohinder Amarnath

India hasn’t always been widespread for cricket, and the fame is recent. One major event that changed the world’s view about India and cricket, was the 1983 World Cup. On this day 25th June, 39 years ago, India won its first-ever World Cup despite the terrible odds faced by the country. Kapil Dev led the Indian team to the first-ever victory against the World Cup Champions, West Indies

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1983 World Cup: Cricketer

Kapil Dev and his squad shocked the whole nation when entering the World Cup. Everyone was against team India as they haven’t been the best team in the last Cup, as they only won a single match in the previous two seasons collectively. The Indian team surprised the entire world with their exceptional performance despite the odds. Indian captain Kapil Dev created a world record when he smashed 175 runs against Zimbabwe. Unfortunately, the game wasn’t televised by England due to a strike.

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On This Day, 39 Years Ago, Kapil Dev-Indian Cricket Team, Lift the 1983 World Cup

Kapil Dev, Mohinder Amarnath

In the finals against West Indies, India entered first and gave the opponents a target of 184. Srikanth scored thirty-eight runs, Sandeep Patil made twenty-seven runs, whereas Sunil Gavaskar and Kapil Dev took off with two and fifteen runs. India made bowling the major factor in winning and got a big break after they dismissed Vivian Richards. The captain grabbed a fantastic catch to take the aggressive player back to the bench. It was a historic win as India not only defeated the two-time continuous World Cup winner by a forty-three-run margin but also won the first World Cup for India. 

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