“Like Getting Head of the Snake” Sunil Gavaskar on Why Rohit Sharma Wicket is crucial for rivals

rohit sharma

Former Indian captain Sunil Gavaskar on why opposite team’s bowlers target Rohit Sharma. India recently finished their T20I series against Australia on the 25th of September. It was a terrific batting performance by India and they won the series. Australia won the first game but India made a comeback in the second game and triumphed in the final by a small margin. 

Sunil Gavaskar spoke about the importance of a captain’s wicket, especially if he is the opener. He further establishes how long an opening batsman should last to build a better scoring ability. Gavaskar talked about how the opener can carry the entire game and take some pressure off the finishers to score higher.

“If you have a long batting line-up. That’s the way you should be playing. Yes, we want to see him bat longer, we want to see him bat for 10-12 overs because then you are pretty certain. Because in those 10-12 overs, India is 120- odd with the way he bats. But because he is getting India to flying starts and because he has got 5,6,7 who can take in towards the end. With that kind of batting order, you can take chances.” Sunil Gavaskar talked on Star Sports.

India won the final game by six wickets and one ball remaining. Rohit Sharma performed well in the game and scored a good number of runs. Virat Kohli and Suryakumar Yadav scored 60+ runs with an incredible partnership. The bowling department is still slipping away runs for India, but every batsman are in their top form.

“Clearly, getting the captain of a team is always a big plus for the opposition. It’s like getting the head of the snake is what they say. That’s why if you are an opening batsman, bowlers will target you- the captain. Get you to demoralize the side. But this side has so many class players.” He added.

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