“He ate Ice-Cream with Dal Chawal” Virat Kohli recalls Cricketer’s Weird Food Habits

virat kohli

Indian star batsman Virat Kohli talks about weird food habits Indian players have. Indian fans are always eager to know stories about their favorite cricketers. Kohli talked about the food-eating habits of a particular player. He gave an interview for One8 Commune. It is a restaurant extension of Kohli’s One8 brand.

“If I’ve seen anyone try a unique combination while eating, then it is Wriddhiman Shah. I once noticed his plate, which had butter chicken, roti, salad, and there was a rasgulla kept as well,” Kohli said on One8 Commune’s Youtube channel.

“I saw he took two-three bites of roti and salad and gulped the entire rasgulla. So I asked him ‘Wriddi what are you doing?’ He said this is how he usually eats. There were times when I saw him eat ice cream with dal chawal. He eats them together, like two bites of rice and then ice cream.” He gave the interview before getting on the plane for Australia for T20 World Cup 2022. According to Kohli, Wriddhiman was a player with weird food habits.

“I feel creativity can be used some other place,” Kohli said sarcastically.

Kohli talked about his worst experience concerning food. “I’ll tell about my worst food experience. Recently I went to Paris, which was my worst. For vegetarians it was a nightmare, there was a language barrier, and there were not many options,” 

He also answered for the best food he’d ever had. “Best was when I actually went to Bhutan. Organically grown, the local vegetable, their wild rice. They call it the Bhutanese farmhouse. The concept is that they have small huts, and you climb up the stairs, and they grow the vegetables just below. So they plucked organic vegetables, we ate with them at their house and it was the best meal,”

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