FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022: Selected Teams Schedules, Group Stage Match

FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Selected Teams Schedules Group Stage Match

The FIFA World Cup 2022 will be hosted by Qatar and will begin in the last few months of this year. Thirty-two teams have qualified for the World Cup, and eight groups are formed, with each containing four teams. The groups are named, A-B-C-D-E-F-G-H. FIFA World Cup 2022 will commence on the 21st of November on Monday and will be finished within a month. 

Brazil is the No.1 team due to their popular winnings in history, and France will be not too far from being the top-performing team. Senegal has put forth a strong team and will give a tough fight. Canada has qualified after 37 long years and is placed in group F. The group stage will be played from 21st November to 2nd December. Four matches will be played each day, amongst the said groups and the teams within.

FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022: Group A, Match Schedule

Qatar, Ecuador, Senegal and Netherlands.

MatchesDateTime ISTStadium
Senegal vs Netherlands21st November5Al Thumama
Qatar vs Ecuador21st November11Al Bayt
Qatar vs Senegal25th November8Al Thumama
Netherlands vs Ecuador25th November11Khalifa Int’l
Netherlands vs Qatar29th November10Al Bayt
Ecuador vs Senegal29th November10Khalifa Int’l

FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022: Group B Match Schedule

England, Iran, USA, Ukraine/ Wales/Scotland (Any One who wins the EU Playoffs)

MatchesDateTime ISTStadium
England vs Iran21st November6:30 pmKhalifa Int’l
USA vs U/W/S21st November 12:30 amAhmad Bin Ali
U/W/S vs Iran25th November3:30 pmAhmad Bin Ali
England vs USA25th November12:30 amAl Bayt
U/W/S vs England29th November12:30 amAhmad Bin Ali
Iran vs USA29th November12:30 amAl Thumama

FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022: Group C Match Schedule

Argentina, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Poland

MatchesDateTime ISTStadium
Argentina vs S. Arabia22nd November3:30 pmLusail
Mexico vs Poland22nd November9:30 pmStadium 974
Poland vs S. Arabia26th November6:30 pmEducation City
Argentina vs Mexico26th November12:30 amLusail
Poland vs Argentina30th November12:30 amStadium 974
S. Arabia vs Mexico30th November12:30 amLusail

FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022: Group D Match Schedule

France, Denmark, Tunisia,  Australia/ United Arab Emirates/ Peru (Any One who wins the Playoffs)

MatchesDateTime ISTStadium
Denmark vs Tunisia22nd November6:30 pmEducation City
France vs AUS/UAE/PE22nd November12:30 amAl Janoub
Tunisia vs AUS/UAE/PE26th November3:30 pmAl Janoub
France vs Denmark26th November9:30 pmStadium 974
Tunisia vs France30th November8:30 pmEducation City
AUS/UAE/Pe vs Denmark30th November8:30 pmAl Janoub

FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022: Group E Match Schedule

Spain, Costa Rica/ New Zealand, Germany, Japan (Any One who wins Intercontinental Playoffs)

MatchesDateTime ISTStadium
Germany vs Japan23rd November6:30 pmKhalifa Int’l
Spain vs CRC/NZ23rd November9:30 pmAl Thumama
Japan vs CRC/NZ27th November3:30 pmAhmad Bin Ali
Spain vs Germany27th November12:30 amAl Bayt
Japan vs Spain1st December12:30 amKhalifa Int’l
CRC/NZ vs Germany1st December12:30 amAl Bayt

FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022: Group F Match Schedule

Belgium, Canada, Morocco, Croatia

MatchesDateTime ISTStadium
Morocco vs Croatia23rd November3:30 pmAl Bayt
Belgium vs Canada23rd November12:30 amAhmad Bin Ali
Belgium vs Morocco27th November6:30 pmAl Thumama
Croatia vs Canada27th November9:30 pmKhalifa Int’l
Croatia vs Belgium1st December8:30 pmAhmad Bin Ali
Canada vs Morocco1st December8:30 pmAl Thumama

FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022: Group G Match Schedule

Brazil, Serbia, Switzerland, Cameroon

MatchesDateTime ISTStadium
Switzerland vs Cameroon24th November3:30 pmAl Janoub
Brazil vs Serbia24th November12:30 amLusail
Cameroon vs Serbia28th November3:30 pmAl Janoub
Brazil vs Switzerland28th November9:30 pmStadium 974
Cameroon vs Brazil2nd December12:30 amLusail
Serbia vs Switzerland2nd December12:30 amStadium 974

FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022: Group H Match Schedule

Portugal, Ghana, Uruguay, South Korea

MatchesDateTime ISTStadium
Uruguay vs South Korea24th November6:30 pmEducation City
Portugal vs Ghana24th November9:30 pmStadium 974
South Korea vs Ghana28th November6:30 pmEducation City
Portugal vs Uruguay28th November12:30 amLusail
South Korea vs Portugal2nd December8:30 pmEducation City
Ghana vs Uruguay2nd December8:30 pmAl Janoub

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