“Do Not Get It”- Rohit Sharma on Questions Regarding Virat Kohli’s Form

Do Not Get It- Rohit Sharma on Questions Regarding Virat Kohli’s Form

“Do Not Get It”- Rohit Sharma on Questions Regarding Virat Kohli’s Form: India and England played their second ODI match, and Virat Kohli rejoined the team. He was absent from the first round where India defeated England by 10 wickets. Kohli had a groin injury but quickly recovered before the second match. In recent times, Virat Kohli is having a bad spell with his performance. He started well in the ODI, hitting three boundaries but didn’t last long and only made 16 runs.

Rohit Sharma – Press Conference

Indian captain Rohit Sharma was asked about Kohli’s poor performance in the press conference. Sharma stated, “Charcha kyu ho rahi hai. I do not get it. He has played so many matches. He is playing for so many years. He is such a great batter, so he does not need reassurance. I talked about this in my last press conference too, form goes up and down, that is part and parcel of any cricketer’s career. So, a player like him, who has played for so many years, who has made so many runs, who has won so many matches, for him, he only needs one or two good innings.” 

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Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma

Rohit said that both of them talk about their performance and ups and downs. “That is my thinking, and I am sure all those who follow cricket will think similarly. We do have chats about this topic, but we should also understand and think when we talk about such things. We have seen performance of all players goes up and down, but the quality of the player never gets bad. That we all should keep in mind. That is very important.”

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“Do Not Get It”- Rohit Sharma on Questions Regarding Virat Kohli’s Form

Rohit Sharma

Sharma was asked if the bilateral series is still necessary with the upcoming T20 leagues coming. He answered, “I do think it is important but it can be managed in a better way for sure. The scheduling has to be done with some space as well. You have to play bilateral series, there was a time, when we were kids, I grew up, I watched a lot of tri-series or quadrangular series, but that has completely stopped. I think that can be way forward so that there is enough time for a team to recover and get back.”

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