Carlos Alcaraz Defeated Alexander Zverev to Win the Masters 1000 Title in Madrid Open

Carlos Alcaraz Defeated Alexander Zverev to Win the Masters 1000 Title in Madrid Open

Nineteen years old, Carlos Alcaraz from Spain won the Madrid Open title after he defeated the German Alexander Zverev

Alcaraz entered the finals of the Madrid Open by defeating both of the top Tennis players in the world, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic. He won his previous match against the no.1 player Djokovic and beat him in a challenging round. Zverev also entered the finals by defeating Stefanos Tsitsipas

Alcaraz was determined to win and went straight in for the game. Unlike his previous two rounds with Nadal and Djokovic, where it was a tough match and fifty-fifty chance, he didn’t let that happen in the finals. Carlos played well and aggressively to win and won the first round by 6-3.

Alcaraz wanted no third round and decided to end the game in the second round itself. He defeated Zverev in the second round again by 6-1. Alexander was low due to the timing difference and wasn’t in his best form. 

After the victory, Alexander called Carlos the best player in the world, which he humbly declined by saying, “Djokovic is number one in the rankings, I have won Barcelona, and I have beaten Djokovic and Rafa in Madrid. I don’t consider myself the best player in the world. I also think that tomorrow I’m going to be sixth, so I still have five players in front of me to be the best one”.

Carlos Alcaraz is now the second-youngest player in the world to achieve two Masters 1000 Titles. He also got the most victories in Madrid Open, which is twenty-eight.

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