Battlegrounds Mobile India to Shut Down Facebook Data Transfers, Krafton Announces ‘Get Ready to Jump’ Winners

battlegrounds on Facebook

Due to a policy change, Battlegrounds Mobile India will shortly disable data transfers with Facebook accounts. Since its introduction, the game has allowed players to transfer their data from PUBG Mobile to the new game using their Facebook and Twitter accounts, as long as they used the same accounts in the previous game. The winners of Krafton’s Get Ready To Jump event, which closed on July 30, have also been announced. It further stated that between August 20 and August 26, about 195,500 accounts were banned for hacking.

PUBG Mobile was banned in India in September 2020, but was reborn in July of this year as Battlegrounds Mobile India. Players could import their progress and data from PUBG Mobile into the game. Those who logged in to PUBG Mobile with their Facebook or Twitter accounts could use those same accounts to log in to Battlegrounds Mobile India and have their data transferred to the new game. Krafton has already confirmed that it will stop transferring Facebook user data on September 28.

According to the developer, this is due to a policy modification connected to the Facebook software development kit (SDK), which prevents users from logging in to their Facebook accounts via the integrated browser on Android smartphones. If you want to transfer your PUBG Mobile data to Battlegrounds Mobile India via Facebook, you must do it before September 28. This change has no effect on iOS users.

After October 5, Battlegrounds Mobile India players will be required to download the Facebook app in order to log in to the game. Players will be unable to play the game using the embedded login browser without the app. If you already have the Facebook app installed, you shouldn’t have any problems with this update. Players who use Twitter to log in will be affected.

In addition, Krafton has released a list of the 150 winners of the Get Ready To Jump contest, which ended on July 30. The winners will be contacted via in-game mail to get their rewards, which include a bandana, backpack, cap, metal badge, mobile ring, mug, slipper, t-shirt, and wristband emblazoned with the Battlegrounds Mobile India logo. Participants were required to share a one-minute video of their avatars jumping and gliding to their destination as part of the event.

Finally, the developer has provided an update on the accounts that have been banned due to hacking. 195,423 accounts were permanently banned between August 20 and August 26 for employing unlawful programmes to gain an unfair advantage over other gamers. Between July 30 and August 5, 336,736 accounts were temporarily suspended, followed by 181,578 accounts being permanently suspended between August 6 and August 12.

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