Suspended wrestler Vinesh Phogat apologises to the WFI, but she may still be barred from competing in the next World Championship

Suspended wrestler Vinesh Phogat apologised to the Wrestling Federation of India (WFI), which had prohibited her from events at the Tokyo Olympics due to indiscipline, but the parent body may yet refuse to let her compete in the next World Championship. Vinesh was punished by the WFI for not remaining and training with her Indian colleagues and for wearing a singlet of her own sponsor instead of the official one provided by the Indian contingent.

Vinesh Phogat

Vinesh recounted her physical and mental struggles during the Games when she was unable to use her personal physiotherapist, only a day after her ban.

The WFI notified the 26-year-old on Friday, and she responded.

“The reply has been received by WFI, and Vinesh has apologised,” a person familiar with the situation told PTI.

“However, despite her apologies, it’s conceivable that she won’t be permitted to travel to the World Championship,” the sources continued.

The WFI is dissatisfied with the way private sports NGOs such as OGQ and JSW, who support many Indian athletes, treat Indian wrestlers, believing that they are “spoiling” them.

The WFI has said that they will not be allowed to intervene in the internal affairs of the country.

Vinesh is backed by OGQ, whereas Bajrang Punia is backed by JSW.

Sonam Malik, who has apologised for her actions, may also be prohibited from competing in the World Championship Trials, which are set to take place in Norway from October 2 to 10.

Sonam (62kg) was accused of wrongdoing by the WFI after she sought assistance from SAI employees in obtaining her passport from the WFI office before departing for Tokyo.

The trials will most likely take place in the last week of this month.

According to the source, Divya Kakran, who was also issued a misconduct warning three months ago, maybe prohibited from testifying in the cases. She participates in the 68kg weight division.

On Monday or Tuesday, the WFI will make a decision on the three wrestlers’ fates.

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